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Click on the image above on this page or the reward point hexagon on the bottom left of the screen to sign up. You'll receive your bonus immediently! You may choose to redeem them now or you can save them up.

Points expire 90 days after you earn them.

Log in to your account and click the rewards icon in the bottom left corner of the screen. Under the section "Points", click on "Redeem Points" and browse the selection of rewards. Once you choose your reward and redeem your points, you will be given a code to use towards your next purchase!

You can find your unused reward by scrolling down on the rewards pop-up and clicking on "Reward List". Any unused rewards and their codes will be there waiting for you to use! Rewards expire 3 months after you redeem them.

Infinite Rewards

1. Tiers of Our Rewards Program:

  • Quartz Tier: Begin your journey with us and earn 1 point for every dollar spent. A sparkling start for our newest members.
  • Amethyst Tier: Amplify your experience and earn 3 points per dollar, tripling the joy of your self-care investment, plus a monthly 5% discount on future purchases after reaching 999 points.
  • Emerald Tier: Revel in the pinnacle of our program, where every dollar spent earns 5 points and a monthly 10% discount, celebrating your commitment to holistic wellness after reaching 2222 points.

2. How Else Can I Earn?

  • Sign Up Bonus: Embrace your self-care path with a signup bonus of 100 points.
  • Referrals: Invite friends to join The Infinite Bath. They receive a 10$ coupon upon joining, and you'll be thanked with 1,000 points as well.
  • Review Purchases: Share your thoughts on our products with a review after purchase and earn 250 points for each shared experience.
  • Birthday Reward: Celebrate your special day with a gift of 1,000 points from us to you.

3. Exclusive Perks:

  • Track your points and tiers by clicking the icon at the corner of our site.
  • Stay informed with emails about points earned, upcoming rewards, and tier transitions.
  • Be proactive with notifications on point expirations — remember, points stay fresh for 90 days.
  • Elevate instantly to Emerald Status with our skincare consultation programs.
  • We are creating new ways for you to redeem your points periodically! From free products to purchase discounts, your commitment to self-care will be enhanced and recognized.
  • Reminder: When you sign up for Infinite Rewards, you get a 100 point BONUS to use immediately or save for the future!

Click the hexagon in the bottom left corner to sign up and receive your 100 point bonus!